Happy New Year!

We’re all guilty of it…making a New Year’s Resolution… I’ll admit, I’ve been in a packed gym on January 2nd determined to carry out my resolution only to have given up a few weeks later. Drinking shakes for lunch, having salads for dinner and then finding myself at the closest McDonald’s… Did you know…the custom […]

Building a TEAM

Collaboration and teamwork are two of the best resources for any educator. As a leader,you need to build a sense of community. You need to have meaningful connections and createan environment where the community comes together as one. Working together as a team isnecessary for the success of not just those we are educating but […]

A True Team –

Two outs, runners on first and third. We’re up by one. The countychampionship game… The culmination of my career as a varsity athlete. I’ll never forget theenergy I felt…the crowd…my team…it was surreal. The most important moment of my life. Ittook ten seconds for the ball to leave my hand and clear the field. In […]

What is #LeadingWithSWAG

What is #LeadingWithSWAG ~ #LeadingWithSWAG is a philosophy rooted in four principles designed to promote a positive school culture.  School culture is generally described as a set of beliefs, values, and attitudes that shape and influence every aspect of how a school functions.   Unfortunately, school culture isn’t nearly discussed as much as it should be. It’s […]